21 Scout in its new home at Lake Ozarks Marine Call Ed Champion for Details

It is delivered without interior and WHITE so the new owner has the ability to make it ANY WAY they want. Floor tanks are already in the boat as well as Rub Rail , Cleats, Nav Lights, and removable Flip-up rear bench. Can be purchased with the aluminum trailer or without. The lamination schedule on this boat includes Kevlar and Carbon Fiber. It is RACE READY!!



Holmberg Welding Fabrication 815-939-1114

If you are in need of custom Bolsters, Wind Fairings, or ANYTHNG that would require a one of a kind need. Call Roger 815-382-6270 cell or 815-939-1114 office. He does incredible work. Roger will make you pieces that are unique to your boat. See pics… he has made stands and fairings for the NEW 42. 

  • 1 inch 316 Stainless Steel Pivot Shaft
  • Bronze bushings at all pivot points
  • Linear actuators used have a built in limit switch that shuts the unit off at the extense of travel ( you have heard bolsters make that awful noise at the end of the throw??) This eliminates the noise and premature failure of the unit
  • The bell crank used on the pivot portion of the seat allows for a full lower cushion, no more actuator in the small of your back. 
  • The geometry used in the lower cushion frame allows for full travel..ALL THE WAY BACK for max standing position. 

Chief bolster bases 019 (Large) Chief bolster bases 020 (Large) CAM00939 Wind deflectors 040 (Large) Wind deflectors 047 (Large) Wind deflectors 068 (Large) Wind deflectors 071 (Large)